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Uses of Activated Charcoal

  • An antidote for poisoning where expert medical assistance is not available. In the booklet 'Amazing Charcoal' by C. Gary Hullquist, MD, activated charcoal is described as 'One of the most effective life-saving remedies known to man, inexpensive, free of side-effects, an absorbent par excellence, activated charcoal was 'rediscovered' by medical professionals in the 1960s as a general oral antidote for poisonings and drug overdose. p 4
  • Filters for water purification, removal of cigarette toxins, gas masks, air purification, kidney dialysis, etc.
  • Poultices for removing splinters, treating boils, infected finger and toenail cuticle, etc
  • Treatment of diarrhoea and gastric upsets.
  • Skin infections. Make activated charcoal into a thick cream by mixing with water or olive oil, spread it on the affected area and then cover with a plastic wrap and an old piece of sheeting.
  • Removal of bad breath
  • Taking the pain and swelling out of insect bites
  • Reducing swelling in strains and sprains
  • Alleviating colic in infants
  • Treatment of allergic reactions to poisonous plants
  • Infections: including pink eye, diabetic ulcers, abscesses, UTI, and gangrene
  • Diseases such as gout, Tourista, tetanus, diphtheria, and cholera
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Note the following limitations and uses of charcoal, taken from the book "Amazing Charcoal, the Universal Antidote" by C. Garry Hullquist, MD.

"Charcoal is not a cure-all. Nothing is. Specifically, charcoal is not an antibiotic, nor can it be given intravenously. Long term, constant use can interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients like vitamins and enzymes, charcoal is not a panacea; it should not be used indiscriminately for every health problem as a substitute for competent medical care. It is best used in cooperation with your physician, following the imperatives of good, timely medical diagnosis and treatment. Under these circumstances, or in emergencies when medical care is not immediately available, charcoal may be administered in the following situations:

How to Use

Activated Charcoal poison ingestion

Ingested Poisons. 2 tablespoons of charcoal mixed in a glass of water, swallowed or via gastric tube. Promote vomiting after 3-5 minutes (unless poisoning by acid, alkali, petroleum product, or if risk of convulsions). Repeat charcoal and emesis 3-4 times. Give a final charcoal dose for complete intestinal absorption of residual poison.

Diarrhoea. 2 tablespoons of charcoal mixed in a glass of water every 4-8 hours until diarrhoea is controlled. Do not delay medical attention if the patient is a baby, does not respond promptly, is vomiting or bleeding.

Straight charcoal slurry has the unappealing appearance of black mud. An acceptable alternative, when conditions are less serious, is to use colloidal charcoal supernatant. Sounds potent, but is simple to prepare and much more palatable. Simply mix a quarter cup of powdered charcoal in two quarts of water, let stand until the charcoal has settled and pour off the clear liquid. This "supernatant" still has millions of microscopic particles suspended in the water.

Skin Infections. Prepare charcoal packs by mixing powdered charcoal and water to form a thick cream. Pour the mixture onto a suitable sized square of old sheeting and spread it to within an inch or two of the edge. Cover with a second piece of sheeting and apply the pack directly to the area of infection or inflammation. Cover the pack with plastic film and hold everything in place with a final outside cloth wrap or binder. Change the pack with a new charcoal mix every 6-8 hours, The mix can be improved to stay moist longer and stick together better by boiling one tablespoon of flaxseed in a pint of water before adding the charcoal.

Use your toothbrush to mix charcoal, then brush your teeth. Swallow watered charcoal as you brush. Charcoal can remove tarter and plaque." - Amazing Charcoal, the Universal Antidote by C. Garry Hullquist, MD.

Even More

For a comprehensive description of the uses of activated charcoal for medicinal and other purposes we recommend that you obtain the award winning book of John Dinsley - The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and Its Applications. It's a must for every families home library.

Noted USA medical practitioner and natural health remedialist, Dr. Agatha Thrash, makes the following recommendation of John Dinsley's book. - 'I heartily recommend The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal and Its Applications. As a physician, as a mother and grandmother, as a public health educator for the past 41 years, I have come to fully trust the efficacy and safety of charcoal as a simple yet powerful home remedy. This book serves not only as a reference book of medicinal charcoal facts, but also brings together a hundred and fifty different charcoal experiences of individuals from around the world. People need this book. EVERY FAMILY, every healthcare worker, every traveller abroad, every health conscious individual needs a copy in their home library.' Agatha M. Thrash, MD - Co-founder Uchee Pines Institute. Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia.


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